Extolling the Virtues of Home-brewed Coffee

In light of the coffee price hikes last year, and Starbuck’s own price hikes early this month for some of their products, it looks like brewing your own coffee at home is starting to make more and more sense. Savings aside, there are plenty of other reasons to just brew your own coffee instead of buying one every single day.

Obviously, brewing a fresh pot of coffee will entail a bit more effort on your part. You have to grind up the beans, scoop them into the coffee maker, and wait for the delicious freshly brewed coffee to drip, but if you think about it the time it takes for you to do all that is just about the same time it will take you to wait for your coffee in line at Starbucks during the morning rush hour. What’s even better about just having your coffee at home, is that you can spend your waiting time taking a shower or doing some other chore.

If you like drinking your coffee while on the go, there’s no excuse either because you can always just pour your coffee in a thermos and drink it at leisure. Another advantage to doing this is that you end up helping the environment since less disposable cups are used.

Last but not least, making your own coffee means having the liberty to always make it your own way. Sure Starbucks and most coffee shops are great at providing choices, even letting you give very specific instructions, but it still means having to pay extra for some things. And yeah, if you like one of Starbucks’ and other coffee shops’ particular blend, you can always buy them in packs, still saving you some money when you prepare them at home.

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